About Neosys

NEOSYS ENGINEERING has established in January 2010 and it becomes operational in the same year. NEOSYS ENGINEERING is incorporated in 2014 as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act 1994. NEOSYS ENGINEERING LTD. is one of the well-known think tanks in Bangladesh which specializes in ICT and Telecommunication sector with public and private procurement.

NEOSYS ENGINEERING LTD. is a 100% Bangladeshi owned company. It is a Private company with strong roots in ICT and Telecommunication fields. As a technology based organization, the company vision is always been the creation of technology platforms which propels the nation’s vision.

NEOSYS ENGINEERING LTD. has grown from strength to strength it’s humble beginning in early. The spectacular success close to a decade has been made possible by its firm commitment to high standards of technical performance. Technology development is the core is creating our competitive edge which has proven successful with the deployment of products and solutions of global standards.

The entrepreneurship sprit guides us as a key to market responsiveness and organizational agility. Close to a decade has brought us together with major global & local players in our industry. We come together in a unique symbiotic relationship, which results in the development of leading edge technologies and expertise in all our activities. We value these partnerships we have built with our customers and our technology partners. They have enriched us as a company and catalyzed our success. In today’s highly competitive business and education environment,

the winning edge is with those who can produce quality products and exceptional service at keenly competitive price. Our company in technological development has driven us to striving towards Excellency.

Over the years, NEOSYS has established itself as a key player in ICT and Telecommunication services with a high standard of quality services and a comprehensive range of services to its clients. We are able to offer an outstanding level of service throughout the entire ICT project chain helps to better develop business opportunities and to control and mitigate risks much better.

As one of the leading training services provider in Bangladesh, NEOSYS is providing services to support public and private sectors. Our structured approach to infrastructure projects, as well as our expertise in advisory services and a strong local presence puts us in a unique position for our clients. This combination has made us the partner of choice for many multinational companies in industries such as Telecommunication, ICT etc. The Company specialized in ICT and Installation, Commissioning and service of complete Telecommunication areas with extensive turnkey capabilities. This is backed up by experienced staff and management located office in the Bangladesh.

NEOSYS ENGINEERING LTD. is a dedicated Company in the Bangladesh and currently employs in excess of 60 peoples. Many members of the staff have been educated at degree level. Our Engineers & Technicians both are highly capable to complete the assigned work within lead time.